BJP Govt to sell Occupied Kashmir land to Hindus to turn Muslims into minority

The Indian government has started preparations for an investment conference to attract non-state people to buy land in the occupied Kashmir valley and settle Hindu settlements.

The Modi government has launched a new scheme to convert the Muslim-majority population of occupied Kashmir into a minority.

Earlier, the Modi government had abolished the special status of occupied Kashmir through Articles 370A and 35A of the Indian Constitution.

The BJP’s central government will sell 6,000 acres of land to Hindus in 18 cities in the occupied valley. The bulk of this land consists of properties seized in the banks of Kashmiris.

On the other hand, the economy of the local population has been destroyed by the lockdown in occupied Kashmir. According to the Kashmir Chamber of Commerce, since August 5 last year, Kashmiris have suffered a loss of more than Rs 2 billion 50 crores.

It should be remembered that the Modi government is tempting investors to buy land in the occupied valley with attractive concessions, easy loans and tax exemptions.

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