India’s Hindu-nationalist government a sponsor of hatred and prejudice against Islam

In a speech to the United Nations, Pakistani Prime Minister Imran Khan called I,, while denouncing its moves to cement control of Muslim-majority Kashmir.

Addressing the UN General Assembly (UNGA) on Friday, Khan said Islamophobia prevails in India today and threatens the nearly 200 million Muslims who live there

The one country in the world today where, I am sad to say, the state sponsors Islamophobia, is India. The reason behind this is RSS ideology that unfortunately rules India today,” Khan said in a recorded speech to the UNGA, which is being held virtually amid the coronavirus pandemic.

“They believe that India is exclusive to Hindus and others are not equal citizens.”

Pakistan PM has frequently criticised the decision by the government of Prime Minister Narendra Modi last August to strip Jammu and Kashmir of its statehood, scrap its separate constitution and remove inherited protections on land and jobs.

India’s security clampdown sparked protests, and UN-appointed independent experts have called on the Indian government to take urgent action.