Letter to UN for deployment of Peace Troops in Kashmir

This letter has been written to UN by the Chief Editor of Kashmir Today

Your Excellency,

It is humbly submitted that on 16th August 2019, when UN Security Council was discussing the situation of Kashmir in camera session, the Indian defense minister was issuing the nuclear attack threats to its neighboring countries including China and Pakistan.

We regret to bring to your kind knowledge that in late July and early August, India moved a large number of troops into the disputed territory of Kashmir and freedom of movement and communication of the people of the area were suspended, which has not been restored yet.”

Kashmir is portraying like a Detention Center, where common man is not allowed to even breathe with independence. Several areas of the valley are highly insecure. RSS goons wearing the uniform different Forces enter the houses of Kashmiris people start beating the innocent people without any discrimination of men, women or children. Women and young girls are being kidnapped and raped. They take the young and teen people with them and hundreds of them are missing since the current siege of the valley. The curfew has also frozen the life of Kashmiris. The poor people who live on daily wages and earn their bread and butter on daily basis have come to decide to suicide. As food and medicine are not available to them by any mean.

The current agitation in Indian-Held Kashmir is rooted in the struggle of the people for the exercise of the right of self-determination. Peaceful processions chanting demands for freedom were fired upon by Indian Army and police. Thousands of men, women and children have been killed or wounded.

Peace of the region is in danger due to constant threats by the politicians of India especially Minsters of RSS backed BJP Defense Minister. Indian media has also been pressurized by Nrendra Modi, the alleged conspirator of Gujrat riots 2002 and killer of thousands of innocent people for his cheap political ambitions and personal motives. Modi is a politician of low mental approach who can Attack any of his neighboring countries for his personal promotion and motives. So the peace of south Asia is on stack. It is worth remembering that the Nuclear war heads have gone under the control of worlds most dangerous and brutal terrorist group known as RSS. RSS is committed to genocide all the minorities living in India especially Muslims and Christians.

All the means of communication including print, electronic and digital media have been banned, internet services as well as Telephone service is jammed. The media has been put under the strict restriction and censorship policy, which has caused a big media black hole in the country. International media, impartial observer group’s even UN representatives were stopped to enter the territory of Kashmir. Opposition of India is also not allowed to visit Kashmir to watch and bring the actual situation of Kashmir to the knowledge of public.

The Kashmiri people are forcefully deprived of their basic human rights. Their life has stuck with sense of imprisonment and insecurity. Many parts of the valley are descending into violence and the potential remains high for clashes in major cities and towns. Since long time such inhuman and extremist practices were happening but this time these extremists have crossed all the limits. So extremism cannot be supported by any ethics or law. Number of time foreign missions requested and urged to visit the Kashmir but they were not granted the visa. Father Thomas Rees has also extended his views on increasing religious extremism by Hindus in India. Freedom of religion report issued by U.S. State Department has also mentioned facts about poor condition of religious independence to minorities of India.

Keeping in view the prevailing situation in Kashmir it can be predicted that it may be start of another world war. So the presence of the UN peace operation, is highly desirable in Kashmir. It is therefore requested to kindly intervene to stop the alleged violations of international human rights laws in Kashmir in accordance with their respective mandates.

With Regards,

Chief Editor

Kashmir Today Group

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