Unwelcome, Modi Protest of Sunday @ Houston

Protest against Modi by US Citizens.

Important Message for the Participants

Important Message for the Participants of Unwelcome, Modi Protest of

Sunday, September 22, 2019, 9am-2pm


We’d like to share some great news!

Many deluxe coach buses has been arranged to take protesters to NRG Stadium on Sunday, September 22, 2019, starting at 8 am and returning from 2 pm.

The departure locations and timings are slightly different than the ones originally scheduled through evite.

Each station has set number of buses to avail on first come first serve basis, and earlier you come, the better it will be to get the space in the bus & to reach the Protest in time.

If buses get full before the specified times of the schedule, these buses will leave; as such again earlier you come, better it will be, so as to be served on first come first basis.

The schedule and departure locations are listed below.

For some of the locations that were in the original list, that are not on this list, you can find another nearest location, like for Northwest Houston, Cypress, & Katy, you have Bear Creek Masjid & MAS Katy; for Southwest & Central Houston, you have World Food Warehouse, Masjid Hamza, Al Noor Mosque & Texas Jasmine locations; for North Houston, you have Bilal Masjid on Adel Road; and so on.

Plus if you miss the bus or are driving to the Protest, there will also be a free park and ride service only two miles from the Protest location at the Mishkah Center (listed on the list) & some other City of Houston provided parking places, from where shuttle services will be provided every 10 minutes.

No registration is required for these buses or for the park and ride.

Please arrive well in advance of the departure times listed, as the number of buses are fixed for each location & will be available on first come first basis.

Thank you for taking the time to register; it’s good for IHF to have a sense of how many people intend to go to the protest.

It’s a great blessing to have generous community members offer this service.

We are glad you will join us in raising our voices for the sake of the oppressed.

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